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Video: Kelvyn Boy allegedly attacked by UCC students

Kelvyn Boy according to videos circulating online shows that the AfroBeats musician was allegedly attacked by UCC students. It is said that, The “Down Flat” hit maker was attacked after a stage performance at the University of Cape Coast – UCC.

The unfortunate incident took place on Saturday night (23rd April 2022) at university’s campus in Cape Coast.


It is said that Kelyvn Boy was billed to perform at the official launch of the school’s 60th anniversary but also had another event at UPSA the same day.

Per eyewitness report, the singer decided to perform at 8 pm at UCC so he can make it back in time for the UPSA event which he was billed alongside S3fa and other top names to perform.

This caused some students of UCC to show their displeasure by blocking access to his car and the tussle between Kelyvn Boy, his security and the students.


From the video, one can see Kelvyn Boy being harassed by some UCC students. It took sometime for restoration of calm among students on campus and Kelyvn Boy’s team before he exited the campus.

Watch it here;

Kelvyn Boy is yet to respond to this happening.

Do you think it was ok for the students  / Kelvyn Boy to have done that? Share your opinion in the comment section

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