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WhatsApp Marketing: How To Grow Your Business with WhatsApp Marketing

What is marketing?

Before one can truly grasp what WhatsApp marketing is, he/she must understand what marketing is. Marketing is simply the way of promoting or selling products, goods, and services that are of value to a targeted customer base. E.g., selling iPhones to Apple product lovers, any Android phone to Android product lovers, or offering a laundry service to someone who needs a cleaning service

These three client bases differ as such, and marketing products and services to them must be intentional to meet their needs; otherwise, your marketing efforts will be in vain.

What is WhatsApp marketing?

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This is a way of simply reaching clients/customers using the WhatsApp messenger application to promote these brands, goods, and services. WhatsApp marketing is more important than ever in today’s marketing strategy.

It is estimated that over 2.26 billion people in the world use WhatsApp by the end of 2022. This means that with the right strategy and targeted audience, you can scale your business, product, or service to make sales from a fraction of this.

E.g., let’s assume you run a small coffee shop in your locality. With the right use of WhatsApp marketing techniques, you can reach almost, if not all, residents by promoting your coffee shop and making them choose your shop as their destination for drinking coffee, thereby increasing your sales and brand awareness.

How to start WhatsApp marketing

Funny enough, WhatsApp marketing is not difficult to start at all. All you need is

  • Viable Products, goods or services
  • Customers in need of the said products, goods or services
  • Smartphone and Internet connection

Tools you need for WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing can be intensive and time-consuming as such, but there are great tools out there that can help you manage this after a carefully planned strategy is rolled out. These tools can help you send your marketing messages daily if you schedule them as such, and they can even lead to client conversion and sales.

Of course, you and I know that not everything in marketing is free, but we can help you get the best tools for low prices that will amaze you and potentially scale you up. WhatsApp Business is a free tool but time-consuming, and you have to be dedicated to responding to every message.

The WhatsApp Sender Tool is available for $16.00. This tool is crazy amazing. We have used it over the past years, and it is incredibly great. You can send bulk WhatsApp messages to different people, groups, and communities and even schedule the time for sending as well as auto-reply to messages with certain keywords when you are not around.  All you need after downloading this tool is an active internet connection to watch it work its magic. Click here to get this tool now and start scaling your business to the next level.

Wazziper Tool: This tool is another great one that helps you reach millions of WhatsApp users daily. The difference between this tool and the former is that the Wazziper tool can connect to different WhatsApp accounts simultaneously without logging the others out.

This helps you connect various WhatsApp accounts for marketing purposes and can help you send thousands of messages per account. Let’s say you have 10 WhatsApp accounts for marketing targeting 10 different countries. This tool can help you send different types of messages to specific countries and accounts at the same time without logging out, whereas the former requires you to log out of one account before you can continue with another.

How to build a WhatsApp marketing list

Building a WhatsApp marketing list can be very difficult but easy. It can be achieved by having a database of your client’s contacts and emails. This way, you can reach them to remind them of your products and services. E.g., if you own a barbershop, your customers require a new haircut almost every two to three weeks. Using WhatsApp marketing, you can remind them of their haircut days and your availability every two to three weeks after their initial haircut.

You can also achieve this by joining groups related to your niche and marketing your product to the members of these groups.

You can also get paid services to help you get email and telephone lists of customers that need your product, goods, or service. Click here to buy genuine media traffic for your niche and contact lists and email lists for your marketing strategies, in addition to WhatsApp marketing.

Benefits of WhatsApp marketing

One might ask how WhatsApp marketing can be beneficial to their business. By implementing the right strategies, WhatsApp marketing can be beneficial to any business in the world. Here are some benefits you get from applying WhatsApp Marketing;

Low cost of marketing

Nonetheless, WhatsApp is a cheap marketing channel, and this makes the platform best for small businesses. All you need is the WhatsApp app and an internet connection.

However, the likelihoods that your message will reach the customer are sky-high. WhatsApp users check their app over 23 times a day.

WhatsApp marketing drives more traffic and conversions, improves sales, allows you to build deep, quality relationships with customers, and costs next to nothing in marketing expenditures.

Increased Sales

Adding a WhatsApp number to your business or website can lead to a 27% increase in sales. WhatsApp marketing is a magic wand for your sales.

It seems like the opportunity to interact with a brand through any messaging app alone instils confidence in potential customers. At least 66% feel more optimistic about purchasing from a company if it is active on Messenger. There is a growing tendency for people to buy through messaging apps. Approximately 60% of consumers believe they will use messengers more to make purchases in the future.

Better conversions

Selecting the ideal channel for your first contact with customers is crucial. Some may get dissatisfied with messages and phone calls while remaining inaccessible through email or social media.

This is where WhatsApp comes in handy to encourage your prospects towards the purchase. A survey conducted by most businesses found that about 40% of customers responded to their WhatsApp messages.

Better yet, messaging drives conversions. Messaging after initial contact with a prospect can increase the conversion rate by 112.6%.

An excellent relationship with customers

A lot of people feel more connected to a brand when they use messaging apps. It makes WhatsApp marketing a bulletproof strategy for building long, profound relationships with customers.

Maintaining such a connection, in turn, helps brands cut expenditures as customer retention is 5–25 times cheaper than acquisition.

WhatsApp gives businesses a powerful set of opportunities for personalization. For instance, you can send personalized welcome messages, special offers, birthday congratulations, and much more. This keeps customers engaged. About 70% of consumers said they only engage with marketing messages that are personalized.

Businesses that Scale up quickly using WhatsApp Marketing

To the surprise of many, WhatsApp marketing strategies can be used for almost any business or service you are into. From selling tea/coffee to customer acquisition for big pharmaceutical companies, etc. All you need is a good strategy and you are good to go.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Marketing

Though very good, it has its ups and downs. Some advantages of using WhatsApp Marketing are;

  1. You can create a good business profile for yourself or your brand
  2. Create good labels and product catalogue
  3. Automated messaging and quick replies
  4. Ability to send broadcast messages

Some of its disadvantages are

  1. Your number can be banned for use on WhatsApp if it is overused
  2. No analytics reporting is available to help you track the performance of marketing messages.
  3. You are limited to the number of messages you can send per account daily.

Legalities of WhatsApp Marketing

The use of WhatsApp for marketing is not wrong, but the approach taken in doing this can be detrimental. As such, one must do due diligence to find out more about the jurisdiction in which their business is located.


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