Visa-Free Countries for Ghana

To travel from Ghana to another country, one will often need a passport and a visa to enter the new jurisdiction.

The good news is that, through bilateral relations between Ghana and other countries, some of these restrictions have been lifted and some too are visa on arrival.


According to Henley Passport Index in 2020, Ghana dropped one place to 78th position for the world’s most travel-friendly passports.

Per the index, the Ghanaian passport provides visa-free/visa on arrival access to 65 destinations across Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Oceania, Americas and the Middle East while 161 destinations required a visa from Ghanaian nationals.

The Ghanaian passport was ranked the 77th strongest with visa-free access to 63 countries in 2019 by the index.


Ghana’s highest ranking on the index came in 2006 when it placed 53rd.

These are the list of countries / destinations that offer visa-free/visa-on-arrival access to Ghanaian passport holders;

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Cambodia
  3. Indonesia
  4. Macao (SAR China)
  5. Maldives
  6. Pakistan
  7. Philippines
  8. Singapore
  9. Timor-Leste
  10. Benin
  11. Burkina Faso
  12. Cape Verde Islands
  13. Comores Islands
  14. Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  15. Eswatini (Swaziland)
  16. Ethiopia
  17. Gambia
  18. Guinea
  19. Guinea-Bissau
  20. Kenya
  21. Liberia
  22. Madagascar
  23. Mali
  24. Mauritania
  25. Mauritius
  26. Mozambique
  27. Niger
  28. Nigeria
  29. Rwanda
  30. Senegal
  31. Seychelles
  32. Sierra Leone
  33. Somalia
  34. South Africa*
  35. Tanzania
  36. Togo
  37. Uganda
  38. Zambia
  39. Zimbabwe
  40. Cook Islands
  41. Fiji
  42. Micronesia
  43. Niue
  44. Palau Islands
  45. Samoa
  46. Tuvalu
  47. Vanuatu
  48. Barbados
  49. British Virgin Islands
  50. Dominica
  51. Grenada
  52. Haiti
  53. Jamaica
  54. Montserrat
  55. St. Kitts and Nevis
  56. St. Lucia
  57. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  58. Trinidad and Tobago
  59. Belize
  60. Bolivia
  61. Guyana
  62. Nicaragua
  63. Iran
  64. Jordan
  65. Lebanon

Although the index lists South Africa among the destinations with visa-free access to Ghanaian passport holders, the two countries are yet to finalize the agreement.

If you love traveling for business of pleasure as a Ghanaian, then this is your information. Make the best out of it and enjoy your travels around Africa and the globe at large.

We will update you on some of the cheapest countries you can travel to visa free and enjoy your holidays.


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