https://ghparrot.com.gh is one of the fastest-growing news hubs in Ghana. It is a Ghanaian non-partisan, non-profit organization focused on the delivery of news in Ghana and documentaries ranging from education, health and socioeconomic lives of Ghanaians across the country necessary for the development and inclusion of deprived communities in the developmental, decentralization and democratic process of the country.

GHPARROT works to ensure a corruption-free Ghana in all spheres of endeavour where people and institutions act with integrity, accountability, and transparency.

GHPARROT seeks to promote, protect and preserve the best socio-moral standards and practices in business, politics, etc. at the community, national and international levels.


The vision of GHPARROT is to be an authentic medium for the voice of various communities across the country geared towards solving various developmental issues by involving institutions, governments and stakeholders.

To help in the decentralization process of governance by involving people at the community level in the process of policy formulations and how these policies will impact their lives.  GHPARROT seeks to go to various interior communities and villages across GHANA and report on serious issues affecting the lives of GHANAIANS in these areas.

GHPARROT seeks to become the most important media outlet in GHANA and in the DIASPORA focused on community development to foster national growth as well as providing training programs in areas where necessary for capacity building.


The mission of GHPARROT shall be directed at working with poor and marginalised people, communities and various stakeholders towards the eradication of poverty, better health care delivery, aid in the provision of better educational facilities or learning materials and improved socio-economic lifestyle of the people by overcoming the injustice and inequity that causes it.


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