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Chris Attoh Advocates for Quality Content in Ghana’s Film Industry

Renowned Ghanaian actor and filmmaker Chris Attoh, recently expressed his concerns regarding the state of Ghana’s film industry, particularly its struggle to achieve significant success on major streaming platforms like Netflix, in contrast to countries like Nigeria and South Africa. In an exclusive interview with Graphic Showbiz, Attoh emphasized the crucial role of high-quality content in captivating global audiences and highlighted the need for Ghanaian filmmakers to enhance their production standards to compete effectively on an international level.

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According to Attoh, while Ghana boasts talented filmmakers, the industry often falls short in meeting the rigorous standards set by platforms like Netflix. He stressed the importance of investing in production values, storytelling, and overall execution to deliver content that resonates with discerning audiences worldwide.

“At the moment, when you browse through Netflix, the predominant African content hails from South Africa and Nigeria. Ghana needs to step up its game by producing top-tier content that matches the caliber of movies from these countries,” Attoh remarked.

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Addressing the industry stakeholders, Attoh urged for a reevaluation of content creation strategies, emphasizing the necessity of aligning with consumer preferences and streaming platform requirements. He stressed that embracing change and committing to excellence is essential for Ghana’s film industry to thrive in the global entertainment landscape.

“Change is inevitable, and we cannot afford to be left behind. We must steer the industry towards producing exceptional movies that meet international standards. This concerted effort towards quality will propel us towards a brighter future,” Attoh concluded passionately.

By advocating for a shift towards quality content creation, Chris Attoh stands as a beacon of hope for Ghana’s film industry, inspiring stakeholders to embrace innovation and elevate their craft to new heights.

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