John Dumelo recalls his experience with a cyberbully

One of Ghana’s finest actors and politician, John Dumelo recalled his experience with a cyberbully.

John Dumelo took to twitter to share his experience by posting that; whilst driving to Sunyani, a young man once came to him and apologized for trolling him during the elections.


The young man said he was sorry for trolling me soo much on twitter and now that he has seen me in person, his perception about me has changed and I only hugged him. John Dumelo said.

He shared this story due to the recent incident of a young man by name Journalist Albert being reprimanded by Nana Aba Anamoah for being a cyberbully.

Journalist Albert had gone in for an audition before Nana Aba, Bridget Otoo and Serwaa Amihere and said that as a journalist, whatever he writes in is based on facts. Upon saying this, the trio quizzed the gentleman based on his own tweets in the past as evidence.


This generated a lot of debate online over the weekend due to his unsavory remarks and trolling methods.

John Dumelo was of the view that, Journalist Albert should have apologized on the show and not afterwards to show how remorseful he was because not everyone out there can handle being trolled online.

Some people commit suicide and others become mental unstable after being victims of cyber bullying he added.

In the new age of social media, Cyber bullying is very common due to availability of smartphones across the globe. Anyone anywhere can just hop online and tarnish the image of another person without having any form of evidence to back their actions.

This in recent times has led to people dying, developing suicidal tendencies and some becoming depressed and anti-social for the fear of being trolled.

Serwaa Amihere the victim of Journalist Alberts cyber bullying methods confirmed to developing suicidal tendencies due to constant trolling on social media.

Below is John Dumelo’s tweet


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