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Akatsi South Municipal Hospital Wins GHS Excellence Award: Dr. Iris Dzifa Adzah Best in Volta

In celebrating excellence and commitment to healthcare, Akatsi South Municipal Hospital has emerged victorious in the GHS Excellence Awards 2023, clinching the prestigious leadership category. This remarkable achievement solidifies Dr. Iris Dzifa Adzah’s position with core management and staff as the finest Medical Superintendent in the Volta Region, setting a high standard for healthcare leadership.

The announcement was made following a meticulous selection process in which the hospital demonstrated outstanding performance across various criteria. These criteria, proposed and discussed at a recent meeting held at the Regional Training Center, serve as benchmarks for evaluating healthcare facilities’ effectiveness and efficiency.

Outlined below are the key criteria considered in selecting the winners:

  1. Payments to RMS: Demonstrating financial responsibility and efficiency in managing payments.
  2. Financial Contributions for Systems Strengthening: Investing in initiatives aimed at enhancing healthcare systems and infrastructure.
  3. Expenditure Compliance with IGF Guidelines: Adhering to guidelines regarding expenditure allocation, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  4. GhiLMIS Utilization: Efficient utilization of the Ghana Laboratory Management Information System for streamlined operations.
  5. Implementation of Internal Audit Recommendations: Commitment to addressing audit findings and enhancing internal control mechanisms.
  6. NHIS Claims Submission (Timeliness): Timely submission of claims to the National Health Insurance Scheme, facilitating smoother reimbursement processes.
  7. Number of External Audit Observations for 2023: Maintaining transparency and accountability through minimal audit observations.
  8. Data Completeness in HRIMS for 2023: Ensuring comprehensive and accurate data records in the Human Resource Information Management System.
  9. Number of Outreaches Carried Out in 2023: Actively engaging with communities through outreach programs to promote healthcare awareness and accessibility.
  10. Number of Quality Improvement Projects Carried Out in 2023: Commitment to Enhancing Healthcare Quality Through Continuous Improvement Initiatives.
Dr Iris Dzifa Adzah
Dr Iris Dzifa Adzah – Medical Superintendent, ASMH.

The recognition of Akatsi South Municipal Hospital underscores Dr. Iris Dzifa Adzah’s exceptional leadership and dedication to advancing healthcare standards. Her exemplary performance not only elevates the hospital’s reputation but also reflects positively on the entire healthcare landscape of the Volta Region.

In honour of this achievement, Dr. Iris Dzifa Adzah was presented with the Regional Citation in Ho, in a special ceremony acknowledging her contributions. This accolade serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of healthcare professionals like Dr. Iris Dzifa Adzah, her core management, and the staff of the hospital, and the pivotal role they play in ensuring the well-being of communities. Akatsi South Municipal Hospital’s triumph inspires optimism and reinforces the importance of striving for excellence in healthcare delivery.

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, let us applaud Dr. Iris Dzifa Adzah, management, nurses and midwives, and all Akatsi South Municipal Hospital staff for their outstanding contributions to healthcare, setting a commendable example for others to follow.

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