Medikal Announces Departure from AMG Group

In a surprising turn of events, Ghanaian rapper Medikal has publicly declared his departure from the highly acclaimed AMG group, sending shockwaves throughout the music industry. The announcement came through a viral video where the rapper firmly stated, “I am no longer part of AMG.” This revelation marks a significant shift in the trajectory of his career and has left fans speculating about the reasons behind his departure.

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Medikal, whose real name is Samuel Adu Frimpong, rose to prominence as a core member of the AMG (Arab Money Gang) group, alongside fellow rapper Criss Waddle. Together, they garnered a dedicated fan base and achieved considerable success within the Ghanaian music scene. However, his recent statement has signalled a definitive break from the group, leading fans to ponder the implications for his future endeavours.

Adding fuel to the fire, he took to Twitter to further clarify his stance, proclaiming, “I go fit to slap you if you call me AMG.” This unequivocal declaration reinforces his commitment to distancing himself from his AMG roots and forging a new path forward as an independent artist. The tweet garnered widespread attention and sparked intense debate among fans and industry insiders alike.

While the exact motives behind his departure remain undisclosed, speculation abounds regarding potential creative differences or personal aspirations driving this decision. Regardless of the underlying reasons, one thing is certain: Medikal’s bold proclamation marks a significant moment in his career evolution and sets the stage for a compelling new chapter in Ghanaian hip-hop.

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As fans eagerly await further developments, one thing is clear: Medikal’s departure from the AMG group signifies a pivotal moment in his artistic journey, one filled with both uncertainty and boundless potential. Only time will tell how this bold move will shape the trajectory of his career, but one thing is for certain: Medikal is poised to carve out his path and leave an indelible mark on the Ghanaian music scene.


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