US-Based Ghanaian Slapped With A 14-Year Jail Sentence For Money Laundering & Internet Fraud

We have chanced upon a report that revealed that a young Ghanaian man who is based in the United States of America will be spending the next 14 years of his life in prison.

This guy is known as Rubbin Sarpong and he is 38 years old. He was jailed because of internet fraud and money laundering.

When he appeared in court, he pleaded guilty to charges that centered around conspiring to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and tax evasion.


The court proceeding was chaired by US. District Judge Renee Marie Bumb and in her ruling, she stated that the accused will spend 14 years in prison.

He is also required to pay restitution to 36 victims and multiple government agencies and the amount involved is around $3.08 million to the victims.

He will be paying a whopping $387,923 in back taxes to the IRS, $4,096 to the New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services, and $6,903 to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


He committed the crime together with some people who are in Ghana and the said crimes were committed from January 2016 to September 3, 2019.

In order to dupe their victims, they reportedly presented themselves as US military personnel who are in Syria, and in their interactions with their victims, they ask them to send money to help transport gold bars to the United States of America with the promise that the money will be returned once the gold bars reach the USA.


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