Slay Queens Are Now Champions In Ghana, They Use Their List To Silence Everybody – Ethics Expert

There is a growing trend and widespread unethical behavior that has contributed to a high moral decadence in the Ghanaian society which has the tendency of damaging institutional reputation.

The situation has even eaten into the fiber of society such that some women go to the extreme of luring prominent persons in society into sex and end up blackmailing or silencing them with a threat of an expose’.


Renowned Chartered Accountant and Auditor, Kwadwo Mpeani Brantuo made these observations during a lecture at the Faculty of Accounting and Finance (FAF) in collaboration with UPSA Global Alumni Association on the FAF Alumni Spotlight series on ethical behavior.

“…Slay Queens are now champions in Ghana, they now have lists, they tell us we have list ooooh! If you people don’t shut up, we shall release the list and people keep quiet…” he said.

He added that “…Sex for grades is still alleged to happen in some of the universities in Africa.  Some chartered accountants still assist their clients to cook the accounting books. See how our uber drivers drive…”


According to him, “destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs neither does it require the use of missiles or chemical weapons.”

He said, “it only requires lowering the value of education.”

“When you allow cheating in the examination hall, what is the result? Humanity perishes under such people. The collapse of education is the collapse of a nation.”

Mr. Mpeani has proffered intensified education as the best antidote in dealing with the situation by involving relevant stakeholders.

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