Miss Grand International Finally In Ghana, Abena Akuaba Selected As National Director

Ghanaian-American Abena Akuaba has acquired the franchise to host the Miss Grand International (MGI) Beauty pageant in Ghana.

The contest winner will be crowned Miss Grand Ghana and will represent the country at Miss Grand International.


Miss Abena Akuaba Appiah was crowned a winner in 2020/21, making history as the first African-American woman to win this prestigious crown.

Ghanaian-American Miss Abena Akuaba Appiah as Miss Grand International 2020/2021MGI pageant is one of the top three beauty pageants in the world, initiated in Thailand. It aims to create awareness of war and violence happening worldwide and urge people to be a voice for change.

The central vision of MGI is to have its partners, viewers, and participants join the ‘Stop the war and violence’ campaign.


During an interview with the National Director of Miss Grand Ghana (MGG), Miss Appiah said the MGI beauty pageant will build the participants’ confidence, elegance, eloquence, poise, and intelligence.

Ghanaian-American Miss Abena Akuaba Appiah as Miss Grand International 2020/2021Her goal is to break beauty stereotypes and diversify the international pageant industry. With her experience, she hopes to produce more international Queens hailing from Ghana.

She emphasised that as a queen, she aims to inspire and motivate young women to be the best version of themselves and encourage them to follow their dreams and passions.

Ghanaian-American Miss Abena Akuaba Appiah as Miss Grand International 2020/2021Ultimately, Miss Appiah stated that to create an organisation that will help individuals, especially women, to feel confident after suffering from abuse, bullying or intimidation.

She said 16 ladies will represent each region in Ghana; their eligibility will be solely determined by their advocacy, involvement in humanitarian work, intelligence, poise and elegance.

Ghanaian-American Miss Abena Akuaba Appiah as Miss Grand International 2020/2021Miss Grand Ghana competition is open to all women of Ghanaian heritage or women with residency in Ghana. The age qualification is between 18 to 28 years old.

This year’s winner will travel to Bali, Indonesia, to compete with a hundred women worldwide.

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