Juliet Ibrahim Details How She Was Forcefully Camped And Sexually Abused By Her Toxic Ex [Video]

Celebrated Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has narrated how she escaped from a toxic relationship after her ex-boyfriend constantly forced her into having sex with him against her will.

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Speaking in an interview, the actress stated that she was being camped and sexually abused for days by her ex-boyfriend despite her constant complains and tears to have him respect her decision.

She said that whenever the ex-boyfriend is in the mood for a bedroom session and she was not in the mood, he would pin her down on the bed and have his way with her against her will. This she terms rape.


“I kept saying no, stop it, stop it but he pinned me down and did whatever he wanted to do and he was smiling and saying I shouldn’t worry while I was crying and that means he was a rapist”, she said.

Juliet also revealed that she was being held captive in her ex-boyfriend’s house for days until her sister came to her rescue. She said that she was naive and didn’t know how to voice out her frustration, hence she had to abandon the relationship.

She advised ladies to start reporting their boyfriends the moment they sense any form of abuse in the relationship.


When I’m dating I ask questions a lot, when I speak to a guy and he says when I’m not in the mood and what if he is in the mood, I’m like I don’t care. I look at you as a rapist because you want to force me because it is a mental thing, my mind, body, and soul need to be prepared before making love”, she further stated.

Watch the video below:


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