‘John Boadu Should Intervene In Unfair Treatment Of Constituency Executive Aspirants’ – Western North NPP Supporters

Some members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Western North Region have questioned the credibility of the outcome of the just-ended Constituency Executive Election in some constituencies within the region.

The aggrieved supporters, calling themselves, Western North Grassroots Agenda (WENGA) contend that actions were taken against some of the aspirants to deliberately disqualify them on the day of voting.


A decision, they have described as “unconstitutional, unfair, and illegal.”

Speaking at a press conference, on Tuesday, Secretary of the Group, Harry Addo noted that “there were some inimical actions against some aspirants that will affect the party in the region if not resolved”.

He cited the Aowin Constituency where a candidate of Women’s Organizer, Joana Morcher was disqualified on the day of the election.


According to Mr. Addo, it has been stipulated in the party’s constitution that an aspirant or a candidate cannot be disqualified on the day of voting.

He, therefore, could not comprehend the reason Madam Morcher, a four-term incumbent Women’s Organizer was disqualified for an offence of falsifying her documents although she passed through vetting.

On the back of these grievances, Mr. Addo called on the Party’s General Secretary John Boadu, to intervene as soon as possible.

He insisted that Mr. Boadu’s intervention will help maintain the vibrant nature and the dream of the party in the region.

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