I Will Not Leave – Pep Guardiola Says After Missing Out On Champions League Final Again

Pep Guardiola, the coach of Manchester City, has stated that his team’s inability to reach the UEFA Champions League final has not affected him.

Manchester City was eliminated from the competition on Wednesday, May 4th, after losing 3-2 to Real Madrid in the Semi-final.

Man City led 2-0 in the first half but lost the game in the final 3 minutes of extra time.


Despite this, Pep Guardiola, who has only won the Champions League with Barcelona, says he is “hungry” for more.

Guardiola is adamant that he will not depart until the task is completed to his satisfaction.

When asked if the loss made him want to win more, Guardiola replied, “No.”


He said;

“Always, I am starving. I cannot [live or leave] one year thinking what my happiness will be. I know the people outside of here demand just Champions League, Champions League, Champions League. We know it. I cannot [live or leave]. Right now I cannot [live or leave].

“Because when we win the Champions League, and hopefully we do it, it will because of the money we spend. Never will it be for the work done behind, that’s normal. The money we spend and don’t win the Champions League. We are the only club in the world in the last 10, 15 or 20 years that just spend money. When with that it’s difficult to win it.

“But what we lived in Madrid, it will help us a club, as a team in the future. People now don’t realise but I tell you, it’s good for us. The worst is to not live it. I would love to win the Champions League, to be in the final in Paris, to live that it we will be better in the future. But we’re not going to change.”

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