‘I Found Out About The Bride Price On Monday, I Leave Them To God’ – May Edochie Breaks Down As She Spills More About Yul Edochie’s 2nd Marriage

May Edochie, the first wife of Nollywood star Yul Edochie, has spoken out about her husband’s latest treachery.

May Edochie who has four children with Yul Edochie revealed that her husband paid Judy Austin’s bride price on Sunday, April 24, but she only discovered that the following day which is Monday.

The embittered mother broke down while speaking about Yul Edochie’s infidelity that has made her public ridicule and also stated that she has given God her suffering and agony.


“I have left them to God,” May Edochie told a popular Instagram blogger.

Reacting to this development, an internet user identified as Viv wrote;

This is heart breaking indeed but I love the way May puts it;God will Judge the two of you. This is the perfect and fulfilled reaction. Pls do not act beyond this. God will surely take vengeance for you. Leave him to his catastrophe, do not contribute to it by quarreling or staging up a fight with the home breaker or with your husband. They will never know Peace @that woman Yul will still leave her for more women in the same show. Pls get yourself together, its not easy but you have to try for the sake of your mental health and your children. Your shall blossom again. You are a beautiful woman inside and outside.pls Take care of you.


Chioma Nwosu wrote;

May, you are the wife heaven recognized. God will fight for you. That union will not last. As for Yul, he has used his hands to put sand in his garri. He has lost the respect he commanded. It is a pity. I can’t believe this is happening.

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