Digitizing Africa’s Economy: The Case For Blockchain And Digital Asset [Article]

On the 20th of April, 2022, TechGulf Ghana Limited held the second edition of its Digital Leadership Technology conference dubbed Digitizing Africa’s Economy: The Case for Blockchain and Digital Assets. This year’s conference aimed to establish the imperative for digitizing Africa’s economy and investing in blockchain technology and other digital assets.

TechGulf keenly wants to present insights on how Blockchain and other digital assets can accelerate Africa’s economic growth.


The two-day conference, which started on the 20th of April, 2022, at 15:00 GMT, had a global participant turnout, very vibrant and diverse with representatives from countries such as the US, UK, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Haiti, and Kenya participating.

Companies represented include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Accenture Federal Services, VXPASS, Netizen Capital, and Blocture among others.

Three-panel discussions were held over the course of two days. Each panel discussion focused on a unique area of digital assets.


The first panel discussed the value of blockchain technology, the second panel discussions focused on opportunities available to facilitate the development of Africa’s digital economy while the third panel deliberated on the infrastructure and investment required to actualize the potential of Blockchain in the sub-region. Seasoned Technology experts from across the globe served as panelists for the conference.

The panels were moderated by Eric Kelly, Chairman, and CEO of Overland Tandberg, Dr. Evita Grant, CEO & Founder TecHustle Inc and Derrydean Dadzie Co-Founder DreamOval Limited.

The Keynote address was given by Dean Matlack, Commercial Counsellor, from the US Embassy in Ghana. In his address, he stated that Africa is uniquely positioned to support the large-scale adoption of digital assets.

He also made mention that the Commercial Section at the US Embassy aims to support the growth of the enterprise blockchain in the application of agriculture product tracing, CO2 Carbon tracking, and Healthcare, just to name a few of such applications which sit in a broad category called “TradeTech”.

Dean Matlack also stated that blockchain could simplify business processes by tracking goods and supply chain, add value and promote Ghana’s exports such as artisan bars and roasted coffee. Another exciting area that the US Embassy is keenly monitoring is the potential for blockchain to be used for the settlement of international trade transactions.

He concluded by stating, ‘We look forward to working with all of you to identify uses for blockchain digital assets and enterprise blockchain for your businesses, or agencies here in Ghana. We also look forward to helping you to connect to US companies that can provide world-class blockchain solutions.”

The event was wrapped up by Mr. Franklin Asare the CEO of TechGulf Ghana Limited. In his closing remarks, Mr. Asare emphasised that “we have keenly established the imperative for digitizing Africa’s economy and investing in blockchain technology and other digital assets and presented insights into how blockchain and other digital assets can accelerate Africa’s economic growth.

We have also explored opportunities available in Africa’s digital economy ecosystem while exposing barriers and challenges that stifle the growth of the digital economy. We are determined to position Africa as a credible destination for investment in blockchain infrastructure and other digital assets.”

In his conclusion, he stated that the confidence in the future of Africa is unshaken. We believe that the time is ripe for Africa to make giant leaps into its manifest destiny.

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