A Good Husband Is Not A Man Who Is Rich Or Handsome – Facebooker Defines Who A Good Husband Is

A Facebooker identified as Yussif Chibsah has taken to the social media platform to reveal in his opinion who a good husband is.

Yussif wrote that he believes a good husband is not a man who is rich or has appetizing looks however, a man who knows the real value of a woman.

He made this postulation via the famous Facebook group, Tell It All. He wrote;


A good husband is not a man who is rich or handsome. He is a man who knows the value of a woman

Just as expected, his postulation triggered a barrage of other opinions from Facebookers in the group. Ghgossip culled some of them below;

Abass Fuseini Sbaabe wrote; I agree but you need a little of all – good looks, some money and some respect for a woman. If a man is ugly and doesnt have money but values a woman, how can that build a sustainable relationship? A woman must be concerned about the looks of his future kids and so the looks of her husband matters here. She needs a man to foot the bills involved in their accommodation, healthcare and other basic needs. Value for your woman doesnt pay bills. Good looks, or at least some looks like everyone out there in the public is needed in a relationship to avoid giving birth to “kaakaamotobi’ looking kids. I am not saying ugly men should not be loved oooo…


Betty Tagoe had this to say: Exactly not one immatured man who foolishly says any word that comes into head as if the brain and head is disconnected

Hilda Essel commented; But I don’t blame the men,I think now the average Ghanaian woman will choose a rich man over virtues !Even their mums will support that choice, that’s what a nation that refuses to develop can do to us


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