50 New Identifiable Pillars To Be Constructed Between Ghana And Togo – Ghana Boundary Commission

National Coordinator of the Ghana Boundary Commission, Major General Emmanuel Kotia

The National Coordinator of the Ghana Boundary Commission, Major General Emmanuel Kotia, has stated that 50 new identifiable pillars to serve as international boundary markings will be constructed between Ghana and Togo.


Major General Emmanuel Kotia disclosed this during a meeting with the Ketu North Municipal Security Council and security officials at the Akanu Border Crossing Post.

He noted that this forms part of measures to clearly define and re-affirm the country’s international land boundary lines with its neighbors.

“We are going to have four types of pillars. We are going to have each pillar going below to about 2m and above about 2m, which is completely different from the old types of pillars that we have. They are going to be a combination of main pillars, intermediary pillars, and border crossing post pillars,” he told JoyNews.


According to him, this will help prevent any future land boundary disputes and also prevent the increasing rate of cross-border activities across the international boundary line.

The Ghana Boundary Commission together with Togo, supported by the Africa Union Border Programme will see to the construction of the pillars.

The existing pillar demarcations have been either eroded, tempered with, or removed.

Meanwhile, Major General Emmanuel Kotia says a sensitization program will be held jointly by the Boundary Commissions of Ghana and Togo from May 10, to educate residents of the local communities along the Ghana/Togo border about the impending exercise.

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