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Odorkor: Heartless Man Jailed 3 Years for Sharing Ex’s Nudes on WhatsApp

In a shocking turn of events, an Accra Circuit Court handed down a three-year prison sentence to an unemployed man in Odorkor who callously shared explicit photos of his ex-girlfriend with his social circle. This chilling story unfolds with a hefty dose of drama and justice.

Joshua Asiedu, known as Kwame Ketewa, now bears the weight of not only a prison sentence but also a GH₵10,000 compensation order for his 19-year-old victim. The emotional torment he inflicted on her comes at a steep cost.

The verdict was delivered by Mrs. Christina Cann, presiding over the court, who found Asiedu guilty of the charge of the non-consensual sharing of intimate images. But the motive behind this act is what truly chills the bones.

The police investigation revealed that Asiedu’s vengeful actions stemmed from a breakup with the victim. In a ruthless act of retaliation, he exposed her most private moments on his WhatsApp status, leaving her exposed and vulnerable.

However, the court’s judgment didn’t paint a complete picture of guilt for Asiedu. Mrs. Christina Cann noted the prosecution’s failure to establish a prima facie case regarding the threat of death and domestic violence, particularly emotional abuse. As a result, Asiedu was acquitted and discharged on these two charges, although the gravity of his actions remained undeniable.

Asiedu’s plea for mitigation echoed through the courtroom as he begged for mercy, vehemently denying the allegations against him. But the evidence spoke volumes, and justice prevailed.

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The harrowing tale began with Asiedu engaging in an illicit relationship with the victim back in 2018, eventually catching the attention of her father. Following the victim’s decision to end the relationship, Asiedu’s anger festered until it erupted in a disturbing act of public humiliation.

In 2021, Asiedu shockingly posted explicit images of the victim on his WhatsApp status, making her a spectacle for the world to see. He didn’t stop there; he shared the photos with two of the victim’s friends, Kasia and Sika, further compounding her humiliation.

But the horrors inflicted upon the victim extended far beyond the digital realm. Asiedu relentlessly threatened her with chilling words, leaving her trapped in a web of fear and despair. These threats took a severe toll on her emotional well-being, driving her to misery and depression.

The victim’s school authorities took notice of her anguish and summoned her parents to the school. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, they provided her with counselling, documenting her emotional turmoil.

Ultimately, the victim’s mother reported Asiedu’s horrendous conduct to the Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support Unit in May 2021. The wheels of justice began to turn, but Asiedu had fled, escaping the reach of the police.

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However, the long arm of the law caught up with him in January 2023. He was arrested, and a thorough investigation ensued. Shockingly, evidence including explicit photographs and threatening audio recordings was discovered on the victim’s father’s cell phone, sealing Asiedu’s fate.

This spine-chilling story serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of cruelty and the unwavering pursuit of justice in the face of torment.

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