Kasoa Traffic Nightmare Unleashed

In the heart of Kasoa, a bustling town in the Central Region, chaos reigns supreme today. It all started with a group of fed-up residents, driven to their breaking point by the deplorable state of the town’s roads.

Imagine a place where the simple act of commuting has become a daily battle for survival. That’s the harsh reality for the people of Kasoa, who have endured treacherous roads for far too long. Today, they decided they had had enough.

The once-bustling streets of Kasoa have ground to a standstill. Vehicular and pedestrian movement across the old barrier has come to an abrupt halt. Why? A group of impassioned protestors took matters into their own hands, blocking every road in sight. Passengers left with no other choice had to abandon their vehicles and embark on an impromptu trek.

This spirited group, known as “Fix Kasoa Highway,” is composed primarily of commercial trotro and taxi drivers. Today, they’ve donned red attire, their vibrant colours contrasting sharply with the dull, neglected roads they are protesting against.

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Their destination is the Municipal Assembly at Old Barrier. Here, they hope to find a glimmer of hope amid the despair. A petition, representing the hopes and frustrations of Kasoa’s residents, was presented with a sense of urgency.

Elaine Attoh, a morning show host from Class Media Group, took the lead in reading out the grievances on behalf of the demonstrators. Their message was clear: they are law-abiding, tax-paying citizens who can no longer bear the burden of neglect.

“When it rains, our plight worsens,” the petition declared. “The road becomes a hazard as water sweeps vehicles away, endangering passengers’ lives. Tragically, we’ve witnessed lives lost due to this dire situation.”

The petition also shed light on another pressing issue: widespread job losses and business closures. These consequences of the road’s condition have cast a dark shadow over the community, especially in the face of an already challenging economic climate.

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Their demands are straightforward. They call for an immediate fix to the highway, emphasizing the vital role it plays in the nation’s economy. This road is not just a local concern; it connects to multiple West African countries, facilitating trade, business, and commerce on a grand scale.

In the end, the petition was handed over to the municipal engineer on behalf of the assembly. The fate of Kasoa’s roads now hangs in the balance, and the entire town remains in suspense, waiting to see if their impassioned plea will finally bring about change.


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