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Prompt Health Alert and Kpando Health Donate Sanitary Pads to Girls in Kpando Municipal

Prompt Health Alert International, a locally based non-governmental organization with some of its members in the USA, and the Kpando Municipal Directorate On Monday, October 16 2023, recognized the urgent need for a heartwarming initiative to address menstrual health and education.

A local NGO generously donated sanitary pads to hundreds of schoolgirls at Kpando Dafor R.C. Basic School, Kpando Dafor Tornu M.A. Basic School, Sovie Kudzra M.A. Junior High School, and Sovie Kudzra M.A. Basic School to promote menstruation health and education.

Many young girls still struggle greatly with menstruation, especially in rural areas where access to education is restricted and social stigma and absenteeism are major issues. 

Madam Margaret Dovlo from the Kpando Municipal Health Directorate instructed the girls on menstrual hygiene and what to do throughout their period. 

“In females of reproductive age, menstruation, also referred to as the period, is a natural process that occurs.”

This happens around once a month in the absence of pregnancy.

Menstruation is the main phase of the menstrual cycle, which normally lasts 28 days, though it can vary, and commonly starts in girls at adolescence, usually between the ages of 9 and 16.

She also mentioned that they should take care of their period and monitor it (buy a calendar and mark the days when you menstruate to find out if your cycle falls on the 20, 27, or 30 days, etc.). 

Maintain this for roughly six months to become familiar with your menstrual cycle.

prompt health alert

She also showed the girls how to correctly adjust the pad during menstruation using her pants.

She emphasized the need to look for oneself during this time. 

To maintain their health, they must bathe twice a day or more with lemon or antiseptic, wash their underwear and bra, and always keep their intimate areas clean and hygienic.

It’s critical to drink enough water, consume fruits and vegetables, and take folic acid for increased blood flow and optimal brain function. 

Additionally, some of them feel pain during this time. This is not a disease; the blood flow varies as well from person to person. They were instructed to go to the hospital immediately if they had menstrual pain.

Other health consequences may arise from using illegal drugs or self-medication. It is important to properly dispose of used pads. You can burn them and maintain a tidy environment.

Nobody ought to conceal it by folding it, as some of them once did.

According to Mr. Wisdom Bani, Program Manager for Prompt Health Alert International, the organization’s charitable goal is to educate pregnant mothers and teenagers about nutrition and health issues.

In keeping with our purpose, we are making this vital donation to these girls in need. We really feel that no girl should be prevented from pursuing an education because of something as normal as her menstrual cycle.

 For this reason, we are starting a new program to give girls in our schools free sanitary pads.

prompt health alert

We are dedicated to promoting knowledge about menstruation health and hygiene in addition to offering sanitary pads.

Together with other committed healthcare professionals from near and far, we are pleased to be here to discuss menstrual health education with you as a team from Prompt Health Alert International.

Both the girls and the teachers at these schools were pleased to receive this gift. We were thrilled to learn that Sanitary Pads would be provided by a kind contributor such as Prompt Health Alert International, and you have really delivered on that promise. 

God bless you as you continue to provide for these needy but impoverished girls.


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