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Famous Amenyo: The Case of an Ancestral Curse or Christian Leadership

The case of Christianity and ancestral curse have become a crucial subject for discussions across the length and breadth of Africa.

Where do we stand as Africans? Are our problems the case of  supposed ancestral curses as a result of the actions of our ancestors or they are as a result of leadership problem?


In recent times, it appears most Christians have been programmed to believe that most of their sufferings are as a result of ancestral curses and so channel all their resources there are ( time , money or whatsoever) to fight this so called ancestral curse for years.

This has made most Christians become religious and church-goers, losing the very essence, touch and purpose of Christianity( love and faith in God ).

Most relent out of frustration once their “ curses “ outweigh their prayers.
This dawned on me to wander whether this shift from real Christianity may be as a result of leadership crises( whether from the church leadership, government or both)


I also wander because those who introduced us to Christianity (whites) have a different perspective to how they channel their prayers to their maker.

And so I asked are there chances that we are praying the wrong prayers?

Moreover, I have also observed that most Ghanaians or to a larger dimension Africans change their perspective about Christianity once they travel to other western countries where the system seems to work for their good without necessarily casting out ancestral curses.

One reason I believe some Christians who travel abroad end up becoming atheist, defying the very things they once edify (Christianity).

By: Famous Amenyo | Nurse

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Guest Post by: Famous Amenyo | GHPARROT

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  1. It is clearly a case of leadership problem. Like you rightly mentioned…..I have observed same too.Many religious folks tend to forget their religiosity to a measurable degree once they kind of get solutions to their financial and social state.
    Leadership problems……..leadership problems………!!! I have no idea when this will end…..but we will surely break free individually as well…..never under this forms of leadership.

  2. Exactly! Without a change of mindset, we will keep on making the mistake of thinking some traditional things are curse where as they are our identity.
    It’s time for us to wake up as Ghanaians ??

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