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Cina Soul Opens Up On KalyJaySpace

Ghanaian music sensation Cina Soul, known in private life as Christie Quincyna Quarcoopome today shared a lot about her self with her fans via Twitter on KalyJaySpace.

Cina Soul who was a finalist in the Vodafone Ghana Music Icons 2014 edition was amazed at the kind of questions that was thrown at her.

Hosted by KalyJay popularly known with the handle @gyagyimii on Twitter, She did her best to talk about her family, school life and businesses she manages outside the music space.

Particularly, a fan by name Ewura quizzed the music star on the alleged “intimate relationship” she has with music superstar Kidi.

In response, Cina Soul emphasized that, she has known Kidi since their university days at Legon when Kidi was her senior and they met through music.

She further said, her relationship with Kidi is so special in diverse ways and she believes that’s the reason most people assume she is dating Kidi.

“Kidi and I have been recording music for some years when we all begun this showbiz business” she said.

Cina Soul also said, she felt much loved by kidi and he supports her in all she does and that’s why she believes their bond is stronger even beyond the boundaries of friendship.

KalyJay also asked her on how she started the journey to stardom.

In response, Cina Soul was honest in telling her fans that, she initially didn’t imagine becoming a music sensation although she was into singing at an early stage. Music for her became something to take serious in her tertiary days and after Vodafone iCons.

Among Cina Soul’s hit songs are,

Ojorley, Julor, Awo, Killi Mi, Lorlornye, lovers tiff and many more.

In wrapping up, Cina Soul said she considers herself to be a versatile musician as such she is not stuck to only one genre of music but will explore more and serve her audience to that effect.

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