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Vaginal Hygiene: 4 Signs You Should Lookout For

Good vaginal Hygiene practices is paramount since the vagina is one of the most ecstatic, sweet yet delicate reproductive part of females and as such, without good hygiene practices there will surely be trouble in paradise.
We have made out some  4 important signals that  point to poor vaginal hygiene.

They can lead to medical problems such as infections and skin irritation.

Poor Vaginal hygiene can lead to many issues such as fungal infections, reproductive issues, and urinary tract infections.


These health problems won’t only affect you physically but can also affect your emotional, sexually and your mental well-being.

Vaginal discharge, odour, Menstrual blood and itching around the vagina can help in understanding our intimate health.

The signs and symptoms which can alert us about poor hygiene practices includes;


Vulvovaginitis is caused by poor hygiene practice.

It’s a common condition that affects women and girls of all ages. It primarily occurs due to the transfer of faecal bacteria to the vagina.

Its symptoms may also include unusual vaginal discharge, itching, and irritation.

Vaginal Odour

We know the vagina is self-cleaning but poor hygiene practices can cause odour.

Vaginal odour is one of the early indicators that you’re not paying proper attention to hygiene and especially vaginal hygiene.

It occurs typically due to inflammation of the areas around the vagina.

Inflammation of the vagina can eventually lead to infection.

To resolve the issue, start practising good hygiene and clean the area down there with warm water daily or seek medical help.

Not peeing after sex

Not peeing after sex is the most serious mistake you can commit.

It is a sign that you’re not really aware of good hygiene practices.
If you don’t urinate post-sex, bacteria around your vagina can multiply and result in infection.

Peeing after sex helps to flush bacteria out of your body.

Skin irritation

Lack of personal hygiene can be detected if you’re experiencing skin irritation such as itching.

Irritation on the skin doesn’t just cause discomfort but also points to a possible infection. It can possibly result in dermatitis, a medical condition that is characterised by swelling, rashes and itching.

Other reasons for skin irritation include thrush, bacterial vaginosis and sexually transmitted infections (STI).


Do you know of any other signs and symptoms one must look out for?
kindly share it with us in the comments section below to broaden knowledge

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