A&C Mall Shootings Culprit Arrested

The Ghana Police Service via a tweet sighted by Ghparrot has informed the general public on the arrest of A&C Mall shootings culprit on New Year’s Eve.

The culprit who is a flight sergeant was arrested with the help of the Military Police in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service.


The said shootings is said to have taken place at the A&C Mall on New Year’s Eve. The video which circulated on the Internet led to the arrest of the culprit by the service.

In an effort to curb the brandishing of firearms in Ghana, the Ghana Police Service responded to this incidence with their counterparts from the Military to carry out this successfully. Many believed this to have been mission impossible.

Upon the arrest, many have congratulated the Ghana Police Service on it’s pro-activeness lately and they believe that the leadership of IGP Dampere is a clear example of systems being allowed to work.


Below is statement by the Ghana Police Service.

Ghana Police Arrests Officer For Stealing

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