Makola fire outbreak

Let me take you on a journey to a dramatic Makola fire outbreak event that recently unfolded at the Makola Shopping Mall in Accra. It’s a story that sheds light on why there are more fires happening in Ghana nowadays.

Picture this: On a typical Friday, October 20, 2023, disaster struck as a ferocious fire erupted at the heart of the Makola Shopping Mall. This fire was no ordinary blaze; it swiftly devoured around 200 stores and temporary structures. The authorities had no choice but to close down the entire mall to investigate the cause.

Now, here’s the remarkable part: the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) sprang into action. In less than four and a half hours, they managed to extinguish the raging inferno. Thankfully, no one suffered any harm, but the mystery of what ignited the fire still loomed large.

This dramatic incident had people talking, wondering why such fires are becoming more common in Ghana. Well, there are some key reasons, and they’re not all that complex.

One significant issue is poor electrical setup. Imagine if your electrical wiring at home was done incorrectly or if you used low-quality electrical fittings—that’s a recipe for disaster. These kinds of problems can easily lead to fires.

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Another concern is electricity theft. Some folks tap into the national power grid without permission, and this illegal activity can spark fires, especially in communities that are struggling.

Let’s not forget about smoking. During the dry and dusty harmattan season, people often toss their cigarette butts recklessly on the ground. This thoughtless act can easily ignite fires.

And then there are open flames from various sources like coal pots, electric stoves, and mosquito coils. If these aren’t handled carefully, they can start fires too.

Sometimes, it’s a lack of knowledge about handling chemicals and substances that leads to fires. Accidents, whether natural or caused by human error, can also play a role in fire outbreaks.

In the aftermath of the Makola Mall fire, Mrs. Elizabeth Sackey, the leader of the Accra Metropolitan Area, had some words of wisdom for store owners. She urged them to take fire safety seriously and ensure their shops were well protected from potential fire hazards.

In conclusion, the Makola Shopping Mall blaze was a stark reminder of the importance of fire safety. As fires continue to pose a growing concern, it’s crucial for everyone to be vigilant and take precautions to prevent such devastating incidents. Stay safe!

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