Eastern Region: Mother and Son Arrested over Murder

Prepare to be stunned by a chilling tale of violence that unfolded in Akyem Manso in the Eastern Region. A 57-year-old woman, Akua Kesewaa, and her 26-year-old son, Emmanuel Aboagye, stand accused of a brutal lynching that sent shockwaves through the community.

The story begins with a seemingly innocuous incident when Kesewaa returns home from a one-week observance of a deceased person. Little did she know that her arrival would trigger a horrifying chain of events.

It all started with a dispute over water. Kesewaa stumbled upon a relative of hers, Kwame Poakwa, who had been living away from the family house for a decade. Poakwa had rented his room to someone else and, in a fit of rage, began splashing water in Kesewaa’s container with his bare hands.

The dispute escalated rapidly, with Kesewaa confronting Poakwa about his water antics. Fueled by anger, Kesewaa took matters into her own hands, literally, and attacked Poakwa with a club. But the horror didn’t stop there.

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Kesewaa, consumed by fury, called upon her son, Aboagye, to join her in the gruesome assault. Together, they unleashed a savage beating on the unsuspecting farmer, Poakwa. Clubs became weapons of destruction as they relentlessly attacked Poakwa until he fell unconscious.

But the violence didn’t spare bystanders either. A witness named Michael Assuming, who had awakened from his slumber, attempted to intervene and separate the combatants. Little did he know that his noble act would lead to multiple wounds inflicted by the assailants.

Poakwa’s life hung by a thread as he lay unconscious, the victim of a brutal onslaught. Good Samaritans rushed him to the Oda Government Hospital in a desperate bid to save his life. However, their efforts were in vain, as medical officers at the hospital declared him dead upon arrival.

The shocking incident didn’t go unnoticed. Assuming the brave witness who had tried to stop the violence promptly reported the gruesome episode to the Manso police, It was this report that set the wheels of justice in motion.

Now, the mother-son duo, Kesewaa and Aboagye, find themselves behind bars, awaiting the completion of a comprehensive investigation. Their fate hangs in the balance as they face the grim reality of their alleged role in this harrowing lynching.

The lifeless body of the unfortunate victim, Poakwa, now rests in the mortuary of the Oda Government Hospital, awaiting a postmortem examination that may shed light on the extent of the brutality inflicted upon him.

Stay tuned as this chilling saga unfolds, revealing the dark underbelly of a dispute that spiralled into a terrifying act of violence.

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