GHAMRO: We still owe Stonebwoy

The Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) has admitted that they still owe Stonebwoy

The Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) has admitted to the fact that, they currently owe Ghana’s finest afro-dancehall act Stonebwoy.

This comes after Stonebwoy disclosed to the Ghana High Commissioner to the U.K. Papa Owusu Ankomah that he has received only GHC2,000 from GHAMRO in form of royalties for all his work done and this he empasized was disheartening compared to the amount of effort and energy they put into their craft.


According to the CEO of GHAMRO, Abraham Adjatey, the organization still owes Stonebwoy but, he hasn’t made himself available to receive his next pay-out.

He said the new GHAMRO Board made efforts to lure musicians to join them but, some of them didn’t take it seriously after receiving their first royalties.


Statement on Joy

“And why did we give him GHC2, 000 at that time? When we came, we realized that some of the younger ones were not getting money at all. We decided to deploy a system such that we can use royalties to bait musicians.

We flared out royalty payments even when they have not done registration, split sheet or have not updated their details. Some of them joined and followed. Others gave instructions to their management team, but their management team didn’t come to do anything.”

Agya Abraham disclosed that Stonebwoy’s lawyer hasn’t reached out to them as the musician claims, adding that the singer’s money is in their accounts.

“After that, the Board decided that ‘look, the [music] rights belong to them, and they must come.’ The last time we met Stonebwoy was last year. He came with the whole team and we told Stonebwoy to come with his updated records, and we will also update our records in terms of how much is owed to you.”

“As we sit today, the updated record has been done about how much Stonebwoy has here. The money is here, and he is elsewhere. He should come or send his people. If he says that he has sent his lawyer, I’ve not met the lawyer,” he added.

Is the Ghana music industry growing enough to pay royalties? Share your opinions below in the comments section and lets discuss this issue


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