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Shatta Wale to Burna Boy: “I am a Rich man who will waste your time”

In the ongoing “beef” between Ghanaian dancehall act Shatta Wale and Nigerian musician Burna Boy, the former took to Twitter to express his views on the current situation.

Over the past week, Shatta Wale and Burna Boy have had a back and forth on who is the best musician and richest. Among other things both parties claimed to have been better at, Shatta Wale took to Twitter today to liken himself to a rich man who will waste the time of a person whilst he make money in the process.


Most people took this lightly as a shot thrown at Burna Boy. It is believed that, Burna Boy has withdrawn from the online fight with Shatta Wale after his management considered it not “profitable” for his brand as the African Giant.

Burna Boy who was unhappy with what shatta had expressed earlier took to his Snapchat and shared some details and dared Shatta to a fight be it in Ghana or Nigeria. He further prayed that most of his colleagues shouldn’t be “fools” at age 40 which didn’t go down with most of Shatta Wale’s fans

Some believe Shatta Wale raised a valid concern on how both countries can help each other to make their industries benefit and together put Africa on the global map whilst others believe it was a personal attack on Burna Boy and the Nigerian music industry by Shatta Wale.


StoneBwoy at a point decided to add his voice which he later came to express his disappointment in how his words have been misinterpreted on Twitter.

Below is Shatta Wale’s post believed to be a shade meant for Burna Boy.

Shatta Wale’s post vid Twitter

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