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Watch: Yango Driver fights Lady Rider over Fare

In a video circulating on social media that Ghparrot chanced by, a Yango driver can be seen fighting with the rider over fare disagreements.

In Ghana, some of the most popular ride hailing apps that riders use includes bolt, Uber and Yango. There have been times when people get frustrated over the fares they have to pay after arriving at their destinations.


In this particular incident, it can be heard in the video that the lady was dating the driver to take money from her if he can and the driver proceeded which led to the fight. As to the location and premises where this took place, we are currently following the story and will update our cherished readers.

Now that this have been said, our enquiries from the drivers indicate that, there are times that the prices change. In an instance where there is traffic in town, when there is a surge, the prices are likely to shoot up by the time the trip is ended. Please take these factors into consideration when next you are booking your next ride to avoid such situations.

In the video, a lady working in the office can be heard pleading for them not to break her glass doors and windows.


Watch the video:

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