Tracy Sackcess: My Wedding With Sarkodie Was Emotional


Tracy Sackcess, the wife of Ghanaian Hip-Life and Africa’s Best rapper Sarkodie has for the first time opened up about how she was stressed and the intimate moments she had during their wedding.
Sarkodie and Tracy Sackcess engagedengaged each other in a private traditional marriage ceremony back in 2018.It was a  beautiful moment to behold judging from the official photos that were released and how Ghana’s social media platforms were set ablaze with their wedding pictures.The traditional wedding was followed by the white wedding which became the talk of the town when a video of their descending cake went viral online.


Tracy Sackcess recently in a video online, spoke of the stress she went through during the preparations and how emotional it was for her with her long time lover Sarkodie.

According to her, she felt emotional when Sarkodie narrated how they met and the genealogy of their dating life up to the point they exchanged vows.

back Sarkodie on the other hand has been hitting back at his critics that, he uses the money he receives from features to buy bags for Tracy. This didnt go down well with most nitizens online.
Was Tracy’s wedding with Sark the best celebrity wedding in Ghana? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. It’s a blessing to stick to the woman who was there for you when you had nothing & you were a “ NOBODY” 💯

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