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HIV/AIDS Infections On The Rise Again

HIV/AIDS is one of the deadly infections that kills a jaw dropping number of people world wide.

A gender analysis revealed that women have been most infected with HIV than men.
Globally, It is also estimated that a young woman gets infected with HIV every six minutes.


In Ghana the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the sexually active group is increasing at a peak.

One major cause is the misrepresentation of the use of contraceptives as a guard against HIV contraction in the uninformed and misinformed section of the populace.

There are a number of contraceptives which include inter alia; post pills, condoms, intra uterine devices(IUD), injectables, vagina pessaries, implants etc.


These contraceptives work by guarding against unplanned pregnancies if applied correctly. No doubt about it!!

Knowing which contraceptive is most appropriate for guarding against HIV/AIDS and unplanned pregnancies is a positive step towards prevention of the deadly virus( HIV/AIDS).

Amongst the aforementioned contraceptives the condom(both male and female if worn correctly) is the only group that guards against contraction of the deadly HIV/AIDS.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the sexually active group tend to ignore the risks of HIV/AIDS contraction amongst other STIs and tend to focus more on preventing “unwanted” or unplanned pregnancies.

A section of young girls assume that access to contraceptives is a license for sexual promiscuity.

This consequently account for the surge in HIV in these age groups.

In recent times, the world is battling with COVID 19 pandemic and little attention is paid to HIV /AIDS.

The effects of HIV/AIDS on the self, the community, nation and the world to a larger dimension is a chief public health concern and the earlier we fight it together the better.

UNAIDS: Every six minutes a young woman is infected with HIV. Geneva.


Guest Post By Famous Amenyo | NurseFamous Amenyo | Nurse


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