Yvonne Nelson Gives Her Cute Backside To Majid Michel To Grind In New Video

Furthermore, Yvonne Nelson, who has a fantastic relationship with Majid Michel, who also appears in the film, was seen messing around and participating in amusing escapades with him, the footage of which has gone viral.


While relishing in the joy of the moment, Yvonne slyly gave her large behind to him as the two of them perform some elegant Michael Jackson dances, which has piqued the interest of admirers of Yvonne Nelson on her Instagram page.

Watch the video below;

In other news, notorious attention-seeking socialite and self-acclaimed actor, Uche Maduagwu, has slammed his senior colleague, Yul Edochie, for adopting a second wife, calling it an abomination.


This comes on the heels of Yul Edochie’s declaration of a child with a new second wife, with whom he secretly married.

Uche Maduagwu reacted with surprise, reminding Yul Edochie of the legal implications from his first wife’s side whilst pointing to the fact that Christians don’t marry two wives therefore it is an abomination to adopt the polygamous lifestyle.

“Omg this made me cry like Ikebe FC ambassadors bros, are you still a Christian or you don turn Traditionalist or Muslim, because there is no where Christianity wey man dey marry two wives, so if the rumour is true your legitimate wife fit carry you go Ile Ejo (Translation: court).

I am the most talked about actor for Africa but right now me dey speechless even as your colleague see Ogun laye ni?

Any Christian wey marry Two wives need deliverance With Yoyoyo shaped Hausa koboko

Christianity Means Christ like there is no Place for new testament bible Where a Christian marry 2 wives That is abomination,” he wrote.


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