Worry Less About Celebrity Couples – Sister Derby To Those Asking Her To Keep Her Man Off Social Media

The African mermaid Sister Derby has replied to those asking her to keep her man off social media to worry less about celebrity couples which means she’s not keeping her man off the gram.

Ever since Sister Derby exposed her man David on social media, a lot of people have been advising her to keep her relationship off social media so that it doesn’t end as her previous relationship.

In a post replying to a fan who once again asked her not to post her boyfriend asked him/her and all those worried about her relationship not to worry about celebrity relationships because anything can happen at anytime.


Sister Derby is right, celebrity relationship is the last thing you need to worry about as anything can happen between them and it’s none of our business how someone decides to live her love life hence we need not worry about them.

Sister Derby is a very beautiful woman yet her love life on social media seems to be very sad but she appears to be very happy in her recent relationship which we hope lasts longer for her because she deserves to be happy.

Screenshot below;



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