‘Speak Your Native Language With Your Children’ – President Of NGPC, Catherine Cudjoe To Parents

President of the National Ghana Parade Council, Mrs Catherine Cudjoe, famously known as ‘Keymama’, encourages parents to speak their native language with their children.

According to her, the practice will lead children to trace their roots and contribute to preserving the history of their parents:


“Speak your native tongue with your children,” said Keymama. “Otherwise, you will have no history and no background,” she continued.

The CEO of Keymama Foundation made this statement at the grand launch of the “Ghana Festival-New York” at Bayview Village in Accra on Saturday.

During the event, she was honoured by the Krobo Bead Makers Association of Ghana for her hard work, achievements, tenacity, longevity, and impact on the communities in Ada, and the Bronx in the United States.


The presentation was done by the Interim President for the Council of the Ga-Dangme Divisional Chiefs, Nene Angmore Owuoadjao II.

As part of the honour, the philanthropist was gifted with numerous authentic indigenous colourful beads made of recycled glass, and a necklace of “spiritually fortified” leaves by the Wulomei — a leader in the Ga community.

Afropop singer and songwriter Wiyaala, also known as the “Lioness of Africa”, BigTwins (music group) Koffi Adu Flair (poet), among others, graced the event with their presence.

The 13th edition of Ghana Festival – New York is scheduled to take place on 18th August 2022, at Crotona Park in South Bronx.

The event will see the celebration of the rich Ghanaian culture, heritage, music, food and, art to the visitors and residents of New York City, United States.

Below are pictures from previous editions of the event.

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