S3fa Reveals One Bad Habit She Has Not Been Able to Get Rid Of

S3fa has revealed she’s the type who likes overthinking for no apparent reason and she thinks it is a bad trait she has tried to get rid off to no avail.

Speaking to Nana Romeo on Accra FM, the sexy songstress who has one of the biggest jams in the country in the shape of E Choke said:

I’m constantly overthinking everything. I overthink a lot. It’s not an addiction, but I think it’s something I do all the time without even realizing it, and I’ll do everything to get rid of it.


She veered off to ther facets of shelf during the conversation as she reveals about how her previous relationship cyrshed within 48hrs.

The shortest relationship I’ve ever had lasted two days. We chatted, and he said, ‘I like you, and I replied ‘I like you,’ but that was it because I’m not someone who forces things, so if you don’t make me feel your presence, I’ll simply ignore you.

I believe it was a communication issue; if you know me, you know I appreciate social media and phones, and I believe that’s something he didn’t understand at the time.



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