Ruth Kadiri Heartbroken? – Says Marriage Doesn't Scare Her But The Wrong Man Will Break You

Actress Ruth Kadiri has raised suspicions about being heartbroken with her cryptic post of the wrong man in your life will break you and it will be you who let them.

Ruth Kadiri is one person who is good at keeping her family and love life off social media hence we only imagine that she’s enjoying her romantic life very well but this post from her raises the issue of whether there’s trouble in paradise.

According to her post, marriage doesn’t scare her but marrying the wrong person is what scares her and the wrong man will break you and it will be you who let them break you into pieces that you sometimes can’t find yourself.


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Ruth Kadiri after that added a broken heart emoji that raised the alarm of whether there’s trouble in paradise which has gotten her heartbroken and even led her to say men will break you and it will be you who allow them.

Ruth Kadiri saying men will break you and it will be you who led them could be taken as a normal message to women but adding a broken heart emoji makes us think she might be brokenhearted over something in relation to her love life.

post below;



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