People Who Live A Christ-like Life Irrespective of Their Religion Are The Real Christians — Actress Mary Njoku

Nollywood actress, Mary Njoku claims real Christians are good people living a ‘Christ-like’ life.

According to Mary Njoku, the majority of the religious fanatics she has met are very wicked yet they are in church every day of the week.

Mary Njoku posited that they hate children, hate happy people and devote their lives to finding faults in everything they do or say.


She added that this category of people always misinterpret the Bible to defend their shade decisions and she avoids them.

See her post below

Check out a few reactions below;


danielregha wrote; Lemme BUTTRESS more on this issue. All what she said 💯%. You can’t give what you don’t have. No sitting on the fence. If your for CHRIST live like Christ. But some people would prefer to put on sheep’s clothing in other to deceive others forgetting that you can’t change the stripes of a leopard.

kingchyka wrote; People who don’t like being corrected will always hit you with this line of being judgemental……ogbeni if you don’t like being told the uncomfortable truth, kindly miss me with your Bs;

fashionmagicblog; ‘She is very right, let it show in your attitude…you will see some people trolling you online when you check their bio you will see “lover of God ” child of God “but their atittude is something else’

sohigh; ‘Of course! No b by speaking in tongues and fasting… do you truly love your neighbours?’

houseofbimosh; ‘There’s absolutely no single lie told here, we cannot fight God’s battle , just keep his commandments that says love your neighbors as yourself let God be the judge

tbelz07; One thing I learned a few years ago is that a lot of Nigerians are religious but not godly because we love religion more than we love God

brodahenry; ‘They’re not Ma, no one comes to the Father except through the son Jesus Christ! This statement of yours is invalid Ma, respectfully speaking


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