Passerby Finds Desmond Elliot’s Permanent Voter’s Card on the Street of Lagos, Nigerians React

A Nigerian youngster with the Twitter handle @officialamah t is looking for information on how to give back Nollywood actor, director, and politician Desmond Elliot’s Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC).

Official Amah discovered the PVC on the ground which had the image of Desmond Elliot and his full name embossed on the PVC while taking a stroll the street of Surulere in Lagos, he said.

Taking to the microblogging platform to share the photo of it, @officialamah_t captioned: “Walking down the street of SURULERE, I found DESMOND ELLIOT’S voters card on the ground.


“Please @Twitter family tag him oh @DesmondElliot_ I’m not sure if I tagged the right handle.

Meanwhile, many emotions have surrounded the actor’s missing PVC, with many Nigerians searching for his official Twitter handle in the hopes of tagging him on the card.

“Maybe it is an old Voters card but I Sha See something.”


Meanwhile, has learned about the demise of Chinedu Nwankwo, who was allegedly one of Nollywood actor and producer Yul Edochie’s reputed ex-side chick.

According to influential undercover blogger, Cutie Julls, Chinedu Nwankwo passed on in the late hours of Friday morning, April 29 and they broke the news of her death on their Instagram page.

When news of her affair with the actor made the rounds on social media, Chinedu Nwankwo also known as Chi Bernards shot to prominence.

Cutie Julls further alleged that Yul Edochie bought Chinedu Nwankwo a Volkswagen Golf when they were dating.

Prior to her death, the deceased appeared in a number of popular films.

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