One Igbo Man Is The Most Credible Among All The Presidential Candidates – Priest

Rev. Fr. Magnus Ebere, a Catholic priest, has stated that former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, is the most viable contender among all those competing for the presidency in 2023.

The priest made the remarks during a church service on Sunday, saying that his comparison applies to both the APC and the PDP, the two major political parties.

When he asked a declarative question, he encouraged members of the congregation to echo Obi’s name by adding that the best candidate among those who have expressed interest in becoming Nigeria’s president is an Igbo person.


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”Among all the aspirants for president in Nigeria, one Igbo man is the best among them, who is that person?

Among all the aspirants vying for the office of president both APC and PDP, the most credible among them is an Igbo man. Who is that person,” Ebere asked.


The church members answered in accordance ; ”Peter Obi”

Watch video below;

look at who they said he is only popular on social media?

See, start talking to ur religious leaders & people of influence, they’ve join us in the battle to Salvage Nigeria, they have talk to Thier congregation about #PeterObi4President, by far d most Competent Aspirant so far!

— Peter Obi in River state. (@Chude__) May 1, 2022

See how netizens reacted;

Tee wrote; “Father” we get others way competent ooo buh Peter Obi shaaaaaa

Tantam had this to say: I’m.a.Yoruba woman and I support Peter Obi one.million percent but please remove the ‘Ibo’ from everything. He’s the most qualified candidate. He is a Nigerian irrespective of his tribe or language Shalom

Emmanuel Akindele commented; Igbo guys should stop ‘regionalising’ the candidacy and competence of @PeterObi. It’s a great disservice and de-marketing to do so. We love Peter Obi across the Niger River but statements like this could ruin his chances at the primary election and the polls.


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