Nigeria’s Actors Guild Demand Autopsy On Actress Who Died In Church

Actors Guild Nigeria (AGN), is demanding an autopsy to be conducted on the body of the deceased Nollywood actress, Chinedu Bernard.

The President of AGN, Emeka Rollas, in a post on Instagram, suspected that the actress may have been killed. He raised some concerns about the circumstances that led to the actress’ death.


It was earlier reported that the late Ms. Bernard died in Church.

She was said to have slumped while cleaning the Chapel of St. Leo the Great Catholic Church inside Federal Housing area in Enugu State. Ms. Bernard was confirmed dead by doctors at the East Side hospital in Enugu.

However, Mr. Rollas in his post asked “how can someone who slumped inside a church sustain bruises on the face? Who are Chinedu’s parishioner friends? Who are Chinedu’s friends in Enugu where she is practising her craft?”


He added that “so it is either someone killed her or she took a suicidal substance and decided to die in the church. Many questions yet to be answered concerning the death of Actress Chinedu Bernard.”

Mr. Rollas explained that it is only an autopsy that can bring closure to the death of Ms. Bernard.

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