Ngozi Ezeonu Shares Photo Of Her Handsome Lookalike Son As He Marks His Birthday

This is probably the first time most of you are seeing the son of veteran thespian Ngozi Ezeonu.

The ageless and beautiful actress wished her handsome son the best of everything life has to offer to commemorate his birthday in and post she shared on Instagram. “Happy birthday son @its_king_keller I pray for divine uplift meant, long life and sound health of mind and body,” her post reads.

Away from that, Kemi Olunloyo has added a new perspective to the viral report shrouding a Nigerian woman who allegedly slept with a dog in Dubai for money and the new wave of trends about other women following suit.


As a matter of fact, it has now been established that some girls are contacted and given N1.5million to sleep with some clients’ dogs while they record and watch. The report has monopolized social media and while weighing in on the issue, Kemi Olunloyo recalled what a ritualist told her during their interview in 2014 at the Herbalist market in Ibadan.

In her words shared on Twitter, the ladies involved are said to be sponsored by billionaires who would pay to see them sleep with canines. Also, the rich men engaged in the ‘ritual’ act to make money from it.

She claimed some ladies are believed to make as much as 2 million naira every night by sleeping with the rich men’s dogs. See her post below,


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