Money Doesn't Guarantee Loyalty In A Relationship-Jessica Opare Saforo [Video]

Ghanaian media personality, Jessica Opare Saforo has stated that a woman’s loyalty and love can never be sealed with money as many people presume in most relationships.

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In a video shared on her YouTube page, Jessica Opare explained that most people believe money is the answer to almost every problem in a relationship, hence whenever issues emerge in the relationship, the best way the man can calm the storm is by giving his spouse money.

She stated that there is more to life and happiness in relationships than money, hence claims of money being the solution to every problem have no iota of truth, adding that money only serves as a complimentary in the relationship.


The beautiful eloquent journalist also stated that a woman might abandon her man the moment he is unable to be her provider as he used to, hence she starts looking for another man to rescue her from her financial woes.

She further stated that a man’s reluctance to say “No” to her woman’s request or demands only breeds problems along the line, especially in cases where he is unable to solve her financial issues.

Watch the video below:


In other news, a Nigerian Policeman has sparked mixed conversations on social media after he was busted milking a motorist of his goods after he was caught him flouting traffic regulations.

In the video, the motorist was spotted talking to the policeman when he moved to the luggage behind his motorcycle to help himself with some vegetables, probably because the motorist had no money on him.

This policeman has apparently flouted his code of ethics by stooping so low to collect vegetables as a bribe from a civilian.


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