Michael Blackson: Never marry in your 20s

American-Ghanaian-Liberian actor and comedian based in the United States, Michael Blackson has advised ladies never to settle down with a man who is in his 20s.

According to him, when a woman settles for a man in his 20s as a husband, they might probably get divorced in 3 years’ time on the account that they might grow tired of each other along the line.


In a tweet, Michael advised women to settle for men in their 30s, 40s, and 50s because, with that, they are assured of going for about 10-125 years in their marriage.

Well, most ladies have been advised to get married to men older than them by at least five years. This has been the norm since the beginning of time but in some cases, others opt for men within their age group for reasons better known to them.

Michael Blackson is also of the view that it will be appropriate for women to marry men older than them in order for their bond to last.


He wrote; Women when you marry a man that’s in his 20’s you will be divorced in about 3 yrs, marry a man in his 30’s 4 yrs, 40’s 5 yrs and 50’s to death age you will get 10-15 yrs.

See the tweet below:

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