Mercy Eke Reportedly Fights Dirty Over Former Governor, Godswill Akpabio In Akwa Ibom (FULL GIST)

As per Cutie juls, an IG gossip blog, MC Galaxy had persuaded Mercy Eke and Princess to attend Godswill Akpabio’s announcement of his presidential aspiration, assuring them that they would be lavishly compensated.

Unfortunately, when the event was over, Akpabio neglected them, causing Mercy to vent her displeasure on MC Galaxy.


“Ndi N1mil… Abeg oo where una dey. This one enter wella

😫😫😫 na Lambo own dey pain me pass. Ha! Mc Galaxy

Na so yesterday, MC Galaxy con carry Mery, Princess and some of his guys make them.go support Akpabio on his declaration to contest presidency. He told them Akpabio is paying good money for celebs that will show up to support o.


Ha, after everything.. na him Akpabio ignored them. Them say Lambo dragged MC Galaxy wella. After all back and fourth, Mc Galaxy got through Akpabio and guess what?

The man gave all of them N1mil [one million Naira] for all of them to go and share

Na him Mercy and Princess start to dey para for Galaxy that, that isn’t the deal they had with him. He told them they will be given good money and not peanuts.

Mercy got through one of Akpabio’s boys and what they said was that, their boss never sent Mercy any message to invite her o.

So momey no show, connectios with top Apc no gree come.

Omo, from our source, Lambo says MC Galaxy must pay since he wasted her time. Abeg them say the wahala yesterday for tjat side no be moimoi.


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