Lady Calls Off Wedding Simply Because Her Fiance Refused To Book Flights For Her Family

A man has taken to social media to narrate how his friend’s fiancee called off their wedding simply because he refused to book flights for her family members to attend their wedding.

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According to the man, his friend refused to do his woman’s bidding, saying he doesn’t want to throw money around just because he is rich, and in response to this, his fiancee called off the wedding.

He said that his friend’s family was going to attend the wedding ceremony with flight, hence she demanded equal treatment for her family and when the man refused, she boldly called off the wedding.


He further stated that the lady feels she has options, hence calling off the wedding wouldn’t affect her that much but she is happy about the fact that his friend dodged that bullet.

See the screenshot below:

In other news, a beautiful Nigerian lady believed to be a commercial s3x worker has reportedly been found dead in a hotel room in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.


According to reports, the lady identified as Mirabel Ezinne was found dead on Monday 2nd May 2022 when she arrived at the hotel with an unidentified client believed to be the suspect behind the outrageous crime.

A source said that the deceased arrived at the hotel at Preso Junction where she was invited by the client and two days later, she was found dead in the hotel room.

Her two hands were tied to the back, her legs were also tied and her face was blindfolded. Her private part was cut off. The culprit is nowhere to be found but the police are on the matter,” the source added.


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