Keke Rider Returns Missing Phone After Using It To Snap Over 300 Pictures During Sallah

A tricycle driver locally called Keke in Nigeria has returned a phone left in his cycle by one of his passengers after using it to take pictures during Sallah.

A young lady has shared an interesting story on social media about how a Keke driver used her sister’s phone to take about 300 pictures during Sallah celebrations.

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The lady took to her Twitter page to narrate how the incident happened. According to her, a day before the Sallah celebration, her sister left her phone in a Keke. They called the number and the driver picked up and demanded the password of the phone.


He disclosed that he will return the phone after the Sallah celebration because he wanted to take pictures with the phone.

The lady disclosed that after the Sallah celebration, the Keke driver brought back the phone where he had about 300 pictures of himself and his friends on the lady’s phone. He however came with a flash drive to retrieve the pictures he took with the lady’s phone.

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