'Juju Man' Reported Dead While Waiting For Human Parts To Complete Ritual At Ilorin

A native doctor was said to have been found dead while he was waiting for a customer to deliver some human parts to him to complete a ritual.


According to reports available on the internet, two suspects identified as Wasiu Omonose, 35, and Akanbi Ibrahim 32 were apprehended by the police after they were spotted with human parts on Oke Oyi-Jebba road on a motorcycle.


Upon interrogation, it appears that the native doctor they were supposed to deliver the human parts to had died mysteriously. One of the suspects told the police that he called the phone of the native doctor but the call was answered by another person who told him about the demise of the ‘juju man’

“During the investigation, one of the suspects earlier told the officers that by the time he went to pick up the head and the hands, he called the herbalist but the phone was picked by one of his family members who broke the news of his death“, the police source said.

“It was while they were going in a tricycle which operator was unaware of the contents their bag that they were caught“, the source added.


However, the cause of the death of the yet-to-be-identified herbalist is not yet known to the public.


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