‘It Was Scary’ – Mother Narrates Distressing Ordeal Of Her Daughter’s Battle With Cancer

A beautician and mother of three children, Gloria Pwamang has narrated her distressing ordeal after her daughter was affected with cancer.

Her daughter, Nicole was diagnosed with cancer at age 11 after complaining of pains in her thighs.


Unfortunately, after several chemotherapies and even travelling to India for treatment, Nicole died at age 14.

Reminiscing on the most sorrowful moments in her life, Gloria Pwamang said she was terrified each day by the unfortunate circumstance her daughter was going through as she feared Nicole could die any day.

“At a point, we as parents were more worried but she knew she would be okay but then we were so worried and for me personally it was terrifying because I see what she goes through and I feel that maybe she would not be able to make it the next day and it was really scary,” she said on Home Affairs on Joy FM, Saturday.


This weekend’s edition of Home Affairs was to celebrate mothers who have been through thick and thin to cater for their children to mark the Mother’s day celebration.

She also revealed how her daughter during her chemotherapy came up with the idea of establishing the Wesoamo Child Cancer Foundation.

Speaking on Home Affairs, she said the Foundation was established due to her daughter’s desire to support other children battling cancer.

“She started a charity to support children who were going through treatment because of her experience at Korle-Bu. So she started it and we launched it unfortunately we lost her at 14.

“When we were going through the test, there were some of the parents that couldn’t pay for the initial treatment test. Some it was like 50 cedis or even less.

“The was one recently and they were to pay a consultation of 50 cedis so she said mummy 50 cedis you can pay for her so I said no we can’t be paying because we also need to pay for ourselves and she said she wanted to forego her kalyppo ahead so I could pay for somebody,” Gloria Pwamang recalled.

She said after that encounter, her daughter approached them (parents) to help with the monetary aspect to get the foundation running.

She added that “because we couldn’t do it alone…we were given the opportunity on Gifty Anti’s programme to launch it after officially registering the Charity.”

According to her, after the family lost the daughter at the age of 14, they decided to put a stop to the charity.

This, she explained is because the family was deliberating on who would keep the charity running after the demise of their daughter.

During her funeral, she added, “funds were raised and the foundation was mentioned,” and it dawned on them to continue her daughter’s legacy.

And to date, the Foundation still stands helping out children with cancer.

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