'I'm Sure The Government Anticipated The Chaos & Panic Withdrawals After Passing The E-Levy' – Lydia Forson

Finally, the controversial E-Levy has been implemented and its implementation started today, and there was some chaos as many people wanted to withdraw all their monies which caused a jam in the financial system.

Due to this development, Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has shared her thoughts about it, and according to her, she is sure the government anticipated what is actually happening adding that due to how Ghanaians are reliant on the Mobile Money service, they will let it slide and continue using the system.

The award-winning actress made this known in a recent post she made on the popular social media platform, Twitter and the post she made reads;


“I’m sure in their research leading up to the #elevy the government anticipated the chaos and panic withdrawals. But they’re hoping, like everything else, we will eventually accept our fate, because so many have become reliant on momo. We’ll have to wait and see.”

The post that she made got some reactions from social media users and some of these reactions are;

@bigjoebooks – For other countries, they stopped using the digital platforms. Knowing Ghanaians & how we make anything slide, it’s possible the government wins in this case


@JaderOrson – It could be true but they shouldn’t also forget that we have lived longer without momo than we have lived without it. I think in the end people are going to combine holding physical cash and the momo. And @MTNGhana should bring back scratch cards

@kwekuaboagye5 – it will run smoothly but as usual Ghanaians will have a nice way of saying it is mess


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